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‘Drag racing’ requires quick decision and action

RE: Summer drag racing needs to be stopped, letter, July 11.

Dear Editor,

I would like to support the comments made by William Becker in his Letter to the Editor regarding the drag racing along Yankee Valley Boulevard.

As he admitted, installing speed bumps would not be a practical move; however, installing red-light and speed cameras is a no-brainer. This proposal could be tabled at council and voted on within 30 minutes if they put their minds to it. This could be done with minimal bylaw requirements, and would not need extra staff required to monitor and maintain the cameras, as this could be done by existing staff.

The suggestion of lay-bys at halfway points for law enforcement vehicles to sit and wait is also a sound idea and it, too, is a no-brainer. Again, this could be voted on and approved in 30 minutes. The work required would be minimal and could be completed within a week or two of starting construction.

Certain issues do not have to be debated ad-infinitum. A quick decision is needed on such matters.

David Cummings