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Care centre offers 'non-judgmental' services

(RE: "Controversial pregnancy care centre opens in Airdrie," article, Oct. 10)

Dear Editor,

It is an interesting and distressing day and age in which we live.

Airdrie has been blessed with a pregnancy care centre, but someone has deemed it controversial. Tell me, is it controversial to counsel troubled women who have an unexpected pregnancy? To offer and teach options available to them, to give baby clothes, offer parenting classes and prenatal care? This is all free of charge.

I have personally witnessed the care and compassion and non-judgmental attitude that the women at the centre offer. Is that controversial?

Anyone experiencing an unexpected pregnancy, I invite to go to the centre. Linda and Karen are lovely, compassionate women who are there to serve and help you. Drop in and make your own judgment about how "controversial" it is. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Shirley Hewitt