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Family-favourite Will's Jams Live comes to BCLT

Fans young and old of the CBC Kids series Will’s Jams are in for a treat when Will’s Jams Live comes to Bert Church LIVE Theatre (BCLT) at 11 a.m. Feb. 17.
Sing Along
Will Stroet (centre), along with bassist Elliott Langford and drummer Kevin Romain, will delight children and parents when Will’s Jams Live comes to Airdrie Feb. 17.

Fans young and old of the CBC Kids series Will’s Jams are in for a treat when Will’s Jams Live comes to Bert Church LIVE Theatre (BCLT) at 11 a.m. Feb. 17. Vancouver-based children’s entertainer Will Stroet, star of the series, said the high-energy, interactive performance promises to be a fun and educational morning. “It’s the kind of show where kids are very involved right from start to finish, with actions and dancing and some sing-along choruses,” he said. “It’s a lot of fun.” Will’s Jams is no stranger to Airdrie, having performed BCLT once before, and at local schools. “Our last time at BCLT was fantastic,” Stroet said. “We had a great audience…. We always have great audiences in Alberta, and we visit Alberta frequently. This will be my third time out to Alberta since September [2018], I think.” According to Will’s Jams website, “Will’s educational rock, pop and blues songs, peppered with witty wordplay, ignites imagination and motivates movement for the young and young-at-heart.” Stroet said the performance brings the TV show to life on stage, accompanied by multimedia components. “If kids are familiar with the series, they’ll recognize some of the elements of the multimedia part of the show,” he said. Parents aren’t left out of the fun, either, he added. “They always have a great time,” Stroet said. “They see their kids getting really engaged and the invitation is always there for the parents to participate, too, if they want.” The show is also a great educational opportunity, Stroet said, adding his songwriting stems from his work as an elementary-school teacher prior to launching his music career. Often, Stroet said, kids don’t even realize they’re learning as they sing along. “When I was studying to be a teacher at the University of British Columbia, I realized using music was a great way to teach all kinds of lessons,” Stroet said. “Music is extremely powerful when it comes to educating and entertaining – I seem to have a knack for doing it.” That blend of education and entertainment has garnered recognition – Will’s Jams’ 2017 album Wordplay was nominated for a Juno award, and the act has also been nominated for Western Canadian Music Awards and Canadian Folk Music awards. In anticipation of the upcoming show, fans of Will’s Jams can enjoy his content online with the recently launched Will’s World. Stroet describes the weekly webseries as “Wayne’s World meets Mr. Rogers.” The YouTube channel also features the CBC show and music videos. “There’s a lot of overlap [between the live show, TV series and online content],” Stroet said. Admission to the Feb. 17 show costs $18 for children and $20 for adults. Tickets can be purchased at