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Airdrie remains at 160 active COVID-19 cases as numbers decline around the province

Airdrie remained at 160 active cases of COVID-19 on Jan. 13, as Alberta recorded fewer than 1,000 new cases for the fifth day in a row.

Airdrie remained at 160 active cases of COVID-19 on Jan. 13, as Alberta recorded fewer than 1,000 new cases for the fifth day in a row.

Chief medical health officer Dr. Deena Hinshaw said during her daily brief that Albertans have reduced the spread of the virus by limiting the number of people they interact with.

“This is the only tool we have to control the spread of the virus, until enough vaccine is available to protect a majority of our population,” she said. “Until then, limiting in-person interaction is the best way to protect our health system, and save lives We are reducing the spread right now because of the choices that 4.4 million Albertans are making every day.”

Hinshaw also addressed business owners who have chosen to reopen despite current restrictions. She said these people are increasing the number of close contacts within their community, possibly making it harder for other business owners.

"Business owners who prepare for a safe future re-opening, but follow the measures currently in place, are helping their communities, protecting our health care system, and helping us get to a low enough level of community transmission so reopening can happen faster," she said. "Communities who support their business owners through this difficult time are making it easier for them to do the right thing."

In Airdrie, according to, there have been a total of 1,656 cases of COVID-19 in the city. Of those, 160 are considered active, 1,483 people have recovered and 13 deaths have been reported.

Three days after students settled back into classroom learning, there are currently no Airdrie schools with listed outbreaks posted on the Province's COVID-19 school status map

Outside of Airdrie, according to the COVID-19 regional status map, Rocky View County (RVC) is reporting 86 active cases, which is an increase of four compared to the day previous.

On the east side of the county, Chestermere is now at 49 active cases, six fewer than the day previous, while on the west side of RVC, Cochrane is reporting 48 cases, one fewer than the day previous.

There are currently no schools listed on the Alberta government's COVID-19 status map in RVC. No schools in Chestermere or Cochrane are listed, either.

Provincially, there have been a total of 113,618 cases of COVID-19 in Alberta as of Jan. 13, with 875 new cases reported on that date. Of the total cases, 12,838 are considered active, 99,412 people have recovered, 820 patients are in hospital and 137 Albertans are in intensive care units. In total, 1,368 deaths have been reported in the province due to the virus.

In terms of the Alberta government's vaccination program, according to, 58,144 doses of vaccine have been administered in Alberta as of Jan. 12. This equates to 1,315 doses per 100,000 population. Ten adverse events following immunization have been reported to Alberta Health and Alberta Health Services.