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George McDougall alum releases BLM-inspired rap song

A hip-hop artist from Airdrie has released a new track expressing his support of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.

On June 12, Dalton Davis, who goes by the stage name Bozosapien, released I Can’t Breathe. The 25-year-old said the song – a collaboration with Calgary artist Sinzere – is about “the rage black people are feeling towards systemic racism” in the wake of the May 25 murder of George Floyd – a black man who was killed while in police custody in Minneapolis, Minn.

“The motivation behind the song is the need to express myself and speak up on issues, to raise awareness and do my part as a black artist,” Davis said.

The song’s lyrics delve into the international community's response following Floyd’s death and the renewed passion among proponents of BLM. In the song, Davis raps, "we need resolution or a revolution to get evolution and then have the pattern end. It's saddening [to] write it out with the pad and pen."

Though he now calls Calgary home, Davis said he grew up in Airdrie and graduated from George McDougall High School in 2012. He has made music for more than a decade, writing lyrics since 2009 and producing beats since 2016.

His musical influences include hip hop artists like Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., Nas, Eminem, Gang Starr, 50 Cent and Ludacris, he said.

“I started writing because I listened to hip hop my whole life and needed a way to cope,” Davis said. “It felt like the most natural form of release. I started making my own beats because I wanted to rap on them and have more creative control. I enjoy the creativity of making music and the ability to express myself how I want to.”

While he originally performed as 3rdIQ, Davis said another artist had already claimed that name and requested he change it. He said a trip to the library, where he found a book titled Bozosapiens, was the genesis of his new moniker. 

“I thought to myself, I’m a pretty goofy, fun person and we all have a bit of crazy in us,” he said. “I thought it made sense to choose that name, as it reflected my personality and offered something relatable to everyone.”

Davis said he will be releasing another track June 26. The song, titled Pawn and featuring artist ZHE the Free, will highlight similar issues to I Can't Breathe. Davis is also working on a song titled 2020 with artist $tik, which he expects to release in the next few weeks.

“I am running a home studio, so I have clients as well,” he said. “I keep fairly busy and will always have new content coming.”

Davis said his music can be found by searching Bozosapien on Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud. He added his Instagram handle is @Bozosapien, and his website is

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