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Airdrie man hopes to reconnect with mystery girl he met in local dog park

“We just seem to have a lot in common as far as what we think about relationships and what we want out of a relationship…it just felt comfortable,” Paris said.

Editor's note: this story has been edited since initially being published to remove identifying details about the woman whom the article is about. A screenshot of the poster has also been removed.

Brandon Paris left Airdrie’s small dog park on July 17 after enjoying a conversation with an intriguing stranger, feeling hopeful that he would bump into her again. 

But unfortunately, that didn’t happen. 

Since meeting the woman, Paris has returned daily to the dog park located on East Lake Avenue, strolling the park every night around 7 p.m., which is the time of day the pair initially met. 

“I think we were walking in circles in the dog park for [about] an hour, talking about everything,” Paris said. 

Worried he might have let “the one” slip away, Paris drafted up a flyer to post in the park. The bulletin recalls portions of the pair's conversation and states Paris’s regret at not asking the woman for her number.

Supplying his email at the bottom, Paris is hoping the girl might see it and reach out. 

“I feel like I can’t just let it pass by because the chances of meeting someone in person that you get along with so well is one out of several thousand,” Paris explained. 

During their conversation, Paris learned that his mystery girl is divorced, like himself, has kids, a dog, and hates computers. She is studying to become a registered nurse. 

Paris said she has dirty blonde hair and was wearing denim shorts and he believes a purple top the day they met. He also added she told him she lives near the Superstore in Airdrie. 

“We just seem to have a lot in common as far as what we think about relationships and what we want out of a relationship…it just felt comfortable,” Paris said.

After their chat, the pair strolled back to their respective cars, when the girl asked for Paris’s name. 

Paris did not ask for her number because he wanted to meet her a few more times at the park, to ensure her feelings toward him were mutual. He didn’t want to make presumptions regarding her intentions or make her uncomfortable, he said. 

After leaving the park, Paris was plagued with worry of potentially missing out on “the one” so he decided to make the poster.

“This person might be the person – what if it was meant to be?” Paris said. 

However, Paris is worried that people won’t see the poster. 

“People just automatically assume it says ‘Dog park closed’ or “Dog park under construction,” he said. “Some people probably don’t take the time to read it.” 

Paris, a 49-year-old multimedia design specialist, said he takes dating very seriously after his divorce, which was very difficult for him. He said connections don’t often happen in person and he doesn’t want to let someone with a great personality slip away. 

“She seemed like a very genuinely nice and understanding and funny [person],” he added. 

If you believe you are Paris’s mystery girl and would like to reconnect, please email him at

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