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100 Airdrie Men Who Give A Damn receive $2,500 from CLAC

The 100 Airdrie Men Who Give A Damn received a helping hand from the Christian Labour Association of Canada (CLAC) for their most recent allotment of funds.

The 100 Airdrie Men Who Give A Damn received a helping hand from the Christian Labour Association of Canada (CLAC) for their most recent allotment of funds.

Earlier this month, CLAC provided the Airdrie-based group of male philanthropists $2,500 to support their quarterly cause of doling out $10,000 to a local charity. The group most recently distributed funds to Project Jack and Jill on July 20.

Jack Lumley, a member and host of the 100 Airdrie Men, said the donation from CLAC went straight into the pot for the group’s July 20 event.

“Every penny we bring in goes right back to the charities,” he said. “There’s no administration costs or anything like that. We’ve been pretty successful in getting 100 men out recently, and in a lot of cases, more than 100 men.”

He added the donation from CLAC was made possible thanks to Wayne Lodge, a member of both the 100 Airdrie Men and the union.

“[CLAC has] a program they put out that awards money to charities,” Lumley said. “Wayne was able to show all the charities we’ve given to…including [BGC Airdrie], the Bethany Care Centre, the food bank and the other places in town, and show all the good the group does.”

The 100 Airdrie Men are a group of at least 100 local men who meet every three months to distribute $100 each to a local charity. The group hears pitches from three local charity representatives, and votes afterward which non-profit should receive the money.

According to Lumley, the most recent meetings have operated slightly differently than prior ones. Since the group usually has more than 100 members at each meeting, he said the two charities that don’t receive the $10,000 share whatever is left over.

“We’ve been taking the delta above the $10,000 and splitting it between the other two charities, so it becomes a winning proposition for everyone that participates in the program,” he said.

Another recent development, Lumley added, is the expansion of eligibility for who can receive the funds. He said from now on, non-registered charitable groups in Airdrie and area will also be able to be nominated for the funds.

The three most recent nominees were Project Jack and Jill, Airdrie and District Soccer Association and the Airdrie Field Turf Project Society.

“None of those have charitable status but they’re all worthy organizations that our members put forward as nominations,” he said.

Thanks to CLAC's donation and the fact 114 men contributed $100 each, Lumley said the ADSA and AFTPS also took home $2,250 on July 20, in addition to the $10,000 Project Jack and Jill received.

Since being formed in October 2017, the Airdrie Men Who Give A Damn have distributed more than $150,000 to local charities. The group now boasts more than 300 members on its Facebook page.

“We’ve given out well over $150,000 after 14 quarters of doing this, and that’s $150,000 that wouldn’t be in the hands of these charities to make their programs better [otherwise],” Lumley said. “We did one last year with Bethany Care Centre and they got to build some special shield arrangements so people could go and see their grandparents.”

He said the sense of accomplishment and fulfilling a community need is what keeps the group of 100-plus men motivated to continue shelling out $100 four times a year.

“I think every time we do one of these, the stories are so heart-felt,” he said. “You look out and see grown men with tears in their eyes. That’s what keeps it going and keeps us coming back time after time, and growing our membership.

“The need is there in the community and it’s a good opportunity to get together with some buddies, have a couple of beers and a meal, listen to these stories and be able to contribute right on the spot to help these people out.”

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