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When Do You Need to Call the Locksmith?

So, you’ve locked yourself out of your vehicle. For many people, the instinct is to call your local locksmith. While this can sometimes be a solution, modern keys for cars may mean you need to call your vehicle dealer or someone else.
6-2 Locksmith

Before Anything, Don’t Break the Window

The first thing to do is stay calm. Many people resort to trying to pry into the locks or consider breaking a window. These options, above all else, are dangerous and potentially can make getting into the car more difficult.

If you are locked out of your vehicle and in an emergency that requires police or emergency services, then contact 911 to get the help you need. If you are not in an emergency, then 911 services cannot help you. Despite urban myths that police can break into your car for free, this is simply not the case, and calling emergency services to help you get into your car could result in charges or fines that will be far worse than the cost of a locksmith.

What Type of Key Do You Have?

If you have a transponder or key fob, getting a locksmith to open the door won’t help that much. That’s because you will still have no way to start your car and drive it away. In these instances, you will need to contact the manufacturer of your transponder. If it came with the car, call your vehicle dealer. If you got a third-party system, you’ll need to contact them. They can reprogram a transponder or key fob for you.

If your car has a keyed entry, then a locksmith may be necessary. They will be able to get into your vehicle with much less danger or damage to your car then you would potentially cause. Gone are the days where you can take a coat hanger to your car window and get in. Instead, you should contact your local locksmith when necessary. Of course, this is only helpful if you’ve locked your keys in the car. Otherwise, you should instead take a car or taxi to get your spare set of keys.

Roadside Assistance or an App Can Help

Finally, you can get ahead of the situation by investing in modern roadside assistance services. These monthly services can help you in many vehicle-related emergencies, including locking yourself out.

Today, getting your car unlocked can be as easy as hitting a button on an app from the manufacturer. This is offered with many newer makes and models.

The Bottom Line

If locked out of your car, don’t panic. Don’t call 911 unless it is an emergency and don’t break the window. If your car came with a connectivity app, you can use it to unlock the doors. If you have a fob you may need to contact your car dealer. If you have a regular key, call a locksmith.

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