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What’s Trending in Aftermarket Auto Parts?

There is nothing like making your car your own, whether that means a performance upgrade, a safety boost, or something cosmetic that gives you a smile.
8-2B Aftermarket

Wondering what’s trending for aftermarket parts? Check out these exciting options.

Wrap it up

Vehicle wraps are not only for advertising. It’s also an option to mimic painting your car – but at a fraction of the price! Wrapping allows you to add designs, change the colour and show off your style, all while helping to protect your vehicle from the elements. 3M™ wrap comes in more than 100 colours. The options are limitless when it comes to vinyl wrap.

Affordable replacements

What’s trending right now is working within a budget, especially if you drive an imported car. Aftermarket parts such as spark plugs, filters and shocks can save you a lot of money over their OEM counterparts. These aftermarket components are thoroughly tested for quality and safety, ensuring they are just as good as what comes from the manufacturer – but at a more affordable price.

Pump up the volume

It’s not just the vehicle body you can alter. One of the most popular aftermarket modifications is to swap out the sound system. Those with long commutes or that like to take road trips can have the crystal clear sound they want for their podcasts, playlists or satellite radio. There are plenty of options for your new sound system, from video screens to speakers and more.

Backup camera

Backing up a vehicle, especially a larger one, is dangerous due to the blind spot. The mirrors help, but mirrors plus a camera is much better. If your vehicle didn’t include a backup camera, it is well worth the time and money to purchase one. This is a simple aftermarket part that is affordable, easy to have installed – and best of all, can save lives.

Remote start

This isn’t just for the winter! Starting your car so the AC can kick in and cool things down is also a great summer hack. Remote starters can be elaborate, with app functionality that provides details on your phone (run time, locked or unlocked, safety features) or simple (just press a button to start the car).

We tend to think about aftermarket auto parts as the mundane things like spark plugs or the high-level performance parts seen in car shows. However, aftermarket parts include a wide variety of options that let you customize for comfort, style and entertainment. Check out some options and boost the look, feel and safety of your ride.

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