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The DIY Mechanic – and When to Call in the Experts

The cost of owning a car continues to grow and the price of gas has skyrocketed along with the cost of repairs and maintenance. Without proper maintenance, the cost of repairs can escalate to a point of wondering how you can manage your automobile costs.
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There are some DIY projects for those who have any type of skill as a backyard mechanic. However, DIY projects also come with your own risks, and there are some repairs and maintenance that should not be completed without the experience of a professional mechanic.

Do It Yourself YouTube Channels

YouTube channels have many great options for the backyard mechanic who wants to complete basic repairs and maintenance. There are thousands of DIY YouTube channels; choosing one can be difficult. One of the best ways to decide on which YouTuber to check out is to see how many followers they have. For example, Chris Fix has over 9 million followers!

Another way to help find the right channel is to ensure that they have DYI videos on the project that you are looking for. When completing an oil change, not all cars are the same. Ensure that the video is for your make and model and not just a generic how-to video.

If a YouTuber can catch your attention, this will help with following the video. Sometimes YouTubers can be monotone and hard to follow, but others like Cooper Auto Repair use humor while fixing a car to keep you focused and engaged.

Online Tutorial Guides

Some people learn better when they read instead of watching a video. Kelly’s Blue Book has many great resources on how to complete basic repairs and maintenance for the DIY mechanic.

Companies such as AutoZone have websites with a variety of guides including understanding the tools that are required. The step-by-step instructions can be printed so they are beside you when trying to fix your car.

You can also find your vehicle’s owners’ manual online.

Other Options for DIY Auto Repair

For some DIY mechanics, they have the knowledge but not the tools nor the garage to complete the work. There are places that you can rent a garage and/or tools to complete the repairs. Places such as PartSource rent tools and places like DIY Garage have a shop with everything you need for your auto repair.

Knowing when you need to complete maintenance and repairs is a crucial part of being a DIY mechanic. Using an app like CARFAX can help remind you when maintenance is needed as well as any recalls, and also tracks all repairs and maintenance completed.

When to Call the Pros

Not all repairs should be completed by a backyard mechanic. One of the easiest ways to determine if this is something that you can do yourself is to ask: “do I have the tools, the space and the knowledge of how to complete the repair?” Watch the video or read the guides; if you do not understand then this is not the project for you to do. For anything you don’t understand or anything that relates to the safety of the vehicle, call in the pros.

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