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Splurge-Worthy Car Upgrades That Are Worth Their High Price Tags

Customizing your ride can be expensive, but many accessories are easily worth the high price tag. Check out these splurge-worthy car upgrades to get the best money can buy for your vehicle.
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Getting the best technology and coolest gadgets for your vehicle doesn’t require a trade-in. There are tons of aftermarket upgrades to turn your current wheels into the car of your dreams. Below, we’ve compiled the best auto upgrades that are worth splurging on. From must-have tech for your interior to crucial modifications for your exterior, these enhancements are well worth their price tags.

Camera Systems

Backup cameras are standard on most newer models but adding one to your car or truck has never been easier. Aftermarket options start around $100 and plug directly into 12-volt outlets. These cameras are invaluable for preventing accidents while in reverse and cost you less than a bumper repair.

Don’t stop at reverse cameras, though, as dash cams and interior security cameras are also growing in popularity. These cams can help your case in accidents and will also catch thefts as they happen. More expensive units can provide live video and instant alerts, giving you valuable time to alert authorities.

Media Centres

You don’t need a Tesla to have a beautiful touch screen display front and centre in your ride. With a swipe of a finger, you can control your vehicle’s stereo system, stream music and movies, and use GPS for directions to your destination.

The Alpine Halo11 has a massive 11” screen and will perform any task you can think of. It syncs with your smartphone and current vehicle cameras and is compatible to stream with just about any service. This type of display is “floating,” meaning it’ll fit in any vehicle and doesn’t need to be installed into the dash.

Kenwood’s DMX1037S has more functions than letters in its name and is highly rated by users. Safety is a priority with this model, and four camera ports are available for constant monitoring outside your car. Two smartphones can connect at once, making it a favourite of passengers on long road trips.

Touchscreen displays bring a wow factor to any ride and help keep your eyes up and off your phone with seamless integration. With hands-free calling options, GPS systems, and endless streaming services, you’ll never need your device while driving again.

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Typically, tires are only replaced when significant wear occurs or when one tire goes flat. In these cases, most of us settle for the cheaper option or whatever is available. Spending more on tires will not only improve your vehicle’s performance but could end up saving you money in the long run.

Tires that cost more have higher speed and temperature ratings and are engineered to be stronger and more efficient than less expensive options. Higher-rated tires increase traction and control of the vehicle, improving efficiency and drastically improving fuel economy. After installing an upgraded set, you’ll see an increased driving range on your very first tank. You’ll also increase safety with better handling and don’t have to replace nicer sets as frequently. With so many advantages, upgraded tires will eventually pay for themselves.

Shocks, Springs, and Suspension

Suspension systems and shocks are easily overlooked until problems arise. Proactively upgrading these components can add up quickly, but the improvements in performance and efficiency are well worth the cost.

Factory shocks are sufficient for daily commutes and grabbing groceries, but an upgrade is the first step if you want more out of your ride. Enhanced shocks and springs aren’t just necessary for off-roading; they’ll help you survive curbs and potholes in the city, as well. Improving your suspension with performance bushings will improve handling and make your ride feel like new again. Both of these upgrades will make your ride more stable and easier to handle, making it safer and more fun to drive.

Despite the high price tag, you can’t go wrong with any of these car upgrades. You’ll be improving vehicle safety, efficiency, and performance all at once - and with fewer tanks of gas and chances of accidents, you’ll be saving money every mile marker you pass.

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