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Pet-Proof Your Vehicle With This Helpful Guide

Bringing your pets along for the ride is a must for most animal lovers, but having them in tow can wreak havoc on your car. Check out these tips to make your ride pet-proof, and you won’t have to worry about your car’s interior again!
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Most pet owners love bringing their furry family members with them wherever they go. Trips to the park or vacations just aren’t the same without them along for the ride.

These trips can also wreck the interior of your car. With shedding, dirty paws, and sharp claws, your pet can do significant damage in a short amount of time.

Luckily, there are ways to protect your ride and your pet during all of your adventures together. Here are some tips to making your vehicle pet-proof and a few products that will help the cause.

Seats Take Priority

The most likely spot inside your vehicle to see pet damage is your seats. Rough paws and sharp claws can severely damage your seats and may even cause you to seek replacements. Instead of throwing down a towel, consider upgrading to pet-specific seat protection.

Car hammocks have become a popular choice for pet owners, and most cost less than $50. These seat covers clip to your front headrests, protecting every inch of your backseat. This will help contain any messes your pet creates and help prevent them from climbing up to the front.

Car hammocks are waterproof and can be easily cleaned after use. You can also skip the front clips and simply lay the rest of the material down to the floor if someone will be sharing the backseat with your pet. Check out this hammock from Plush Paws that comes in three different colours or this waterproof option from 4Knines.

If you have a larger pet or one that just loves to ride shotgun, pet-proof seat covers are a great alternative to hammocks. Cushioned options like this option from Orvis will help your pet travel in comfort, and they’ll all help keep your seats looking new.

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Floor and Cargo Protection

If you opt for seat covers over hammocks, you’ll want to beef up protection for your floorboards. Hair, mud, drool, and other unpleasant substances can find their way all over the floor of your car, and it’s often one of the most challenging places to clean. Silicone floor mats and other pet accessories like these from WeatherTech provide waterproof protection and an easy clean-up.

Many pets like to ride in the cargo area of SUVs, and there are plenty of ways to protect this area from pet messes, as well. Specialty cargo mats are made with waterproofing and non-slip surfaces to help keep your companions safe. Cleaning these products can be done quickly with a hose or even in the washer.

Pet-Proof Your Windows

One of the quickest things our furry friends dirty when they ride along is the windows. Between panting and wet noses, your visibility can quickly become impaired. Consider adding pet-proof window screens to keep your windows looking like new even with a curious traveler on board.

Dual Purpose Safety

Making your vehicle safer and more accessible to pets can protect them and your wheels. Car ramps make it easy for your pets to enter your vehicle, eliminating exterior scratches and hard impacts to your seats. These ramps are beneficial to older animals and help prevent them from becoming injured trying to leap into the vehicle.

Pet harnesses can also help reduce messes inside your ride. Harnesses are essentially seatbelts for your pets and can help during accidents. They’ll also restrict movement, keeping noses off windows and limiting the spread of hair and mud. Keep your animals safe on the road while protecting your car at the same time.

Traveling with your furry companions doesn’t have to include cleaning up big messes when you get home. With these products, you can have the best of both worlds. Protect your ride from pet damage today, and never leave them at home again.

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