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Modifications to Increase Your Off-Roading Fun

Off-roading is an exciting pastime that many people in Alberta take part in, whether they have their own off-roading vehicle, or are joining their friends for a weekend adventure.
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Not just any vehicle can do an off-roading excursion, but if you have the right one, you can do some modifications to boost your summer fun.

With the right modifications, you will have much less to worry about when you get into the mud, dirt, and rocks in the wilds, and be able to get yourself out of some tough situations with ease.

Off-Road Tires

The first modification to any vehicle you want to take off-road is to upgrade the tires to specialized off-road tires. General use road tires just don’t have the tread depth, or the toughness to handle the rocks and mud you are going to be expecting to drive through. You’ll just end up slipping and getting stuck.

For proper off-road tires you may need to increase the size of your wheels and lift your vehicle to have the room for the bigger tires. Check out a local tire or mod shop for the best advice for your make and model.

Off-Road Suspension

Off-roading means a lot of big bumps and rough terrain that will easily destroy vehicles with normal suspension kits. Getting an off-road suspension kit is essential in order to handle the terrain, and keep the vehicle in working order throughout the adventure.

A lift kit should be added at the same time as the off-road suspension, and tires and a skid plate are also a great idea.

A Bull Bar

If you want to protect the front of your off-roading vehicle, then you should definitely consider a bull bar. They aren’t just for looks, they protect your engine and allow you to push other vehicles out of the mud that have joined your adventures.

Paint Protection

Paint can easily scratch when you are going through tough terrain, whether it is rocks, mud and dirt being kicked up, or going between trees and shrubs on a trail. You should definitely consider adding a protective layer to your vehicle's paint job to prevent scratches.

Scratches and chipped paint can quickly turn into rust when the metal of the body is exposed, so get that protection, and wash your vehicle off after every journey.

A Winch

Nothing is worse than getting stuck in deep mud when you are out in the wilderness. Without a winch, you will find it very difficult to get your vehicle free. Having a winch is an essential for off-roading; it’s better to have a winch, than to need one.

With all the modifications mentioned above, you will discover how much more fun off-roading can be. Protect your vehicle, and it will give you years of enjoyment out in the adventurous wilds of Alberta.

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