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Five of The Coolest Aftermarket Mods to Transform Your Outdoor Adventures

Everyone in the great outdoors should think about mapping, smart watches, trail apps, poles and a gator! Adding these to your packing list can transform your holiday.
6-4 Aftermarket outdoors

Canada is home to some of the best scenery in the world. From coast to coast there are great place to kayak. In addition to water sports, the trails through the mountain parks give bikers and hikers of all levels places to travel and have fun. When packing for staying in the great outdoors, there are five products that can transform your trip.


Campers, hikers and kayakers should never head into the wild without a paper map. Most times these are laminated and drawn on with directions of where to go, and with a good map and compass, finding your way in the bush or on the river is fairly simple.  Reading a map and compass is a skill that is not used as much with availability of new technology. Smart phones are able to be used more in the wilderness than ever before; consider the AllTrails app. This app can load all the trails into the app with directions and pictures. Following easy step-by-step directions can help even the rookie hiker and biker on the trail. Apps like AllTrails can keep you on the right path, but make sure you have a backup paper map for when connectivity is scarce, or if your phone battery dies.

Smart watch

When looking at technology, a watch is a great investment for all hikers, bikers and kayakers. Check out the Garmin Fenix 7. This watch is designed for outdoor use. Like many other watches it can track steps and location. This watch also helps with monitoring O2 Levels and heart rate, which is beneficial when in the wilderness. You can navigate the outdoors with high level positioning through GNSS and GPS support with built in sensors for gyroscope and a barometric altimeter. It is also waterproof.

Emergency help

We never plan on accidents or other emergencies, but they happen. When out in bush, often cell phones do not work, and most people don’t have access to satellite phones. The Garmin inReach® Mini can be the answer. This small satellite device has an emergency beacon that can be activated if needed. There also is a messaging system in case a loved one needs to get in touch. There are also map coordination, weather and emergency broadcasts available on this small device. This device is compatible with other wearables such as a smart watch.

Trekking poles

Growing up, most kids would grab a big stick while on a hike. Trekking poles work similar to the big stick but are more effective. There are many pros to using trekking poles:

  • Helps with balance
  • Gives your arms something to do
  • Can keep animals away
  • Help when stepping into soft terrain
  • Can help determine the depth of water or ice

Mesh Gator

Everyone was told to wear a hat in the sun. This is good advice; a hat can help shade your head, keep you cool and prevent sunburn. But not everyone wants to wear a cap! A mesh gator is a great product for all active outdoor people. This can be used in a variety of ways including a scarf to prevent burning on the neck or to hold a cool pack to the neck. It can also be used to cover the face if there is smoke or foul air.

The great outdoor is made for everyone of every skill level. When packing for your trip, consider these products to transform you trip from a holiday to a great adventure.

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