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Lakeshore Manor Explains: Living Independently in a Care Community

It’s a conversation most families dread: the one where parents or grandparents are asked to consider a long-term care community.
9-5 Independence

Most seniors are resistant to the idea, fearing loss of independence. These fears often stem from a narrow view of a ward-like community where the aides take care of patients and the residents are bored. This is not the case in many vibrant communities across Alberta! In fact, when guests tour the grounds at Lakeshore Manor, they are quick to see how care communities can increase, not reduce, independence.

What does Independence Mean?

For most, independence means freedom and the thought is that freedom is taken away by curfews, locked doors, demanding aides and a lack of socialization. The opposite is the truth.

There are several categories of designated supportive living (DSL). DSL3 provides an apartment or condo-style of living with health aides on site, meals and light housekeeping. This is the option for those that want to stop taking care of home and lawn maintenance, cooking every meal, and washing linens.

DSL4 and 4D are for those that require more support due to limited mobility, difficulty with the acts of daily living (such as toileting or dressing) or those in cognitive decline.

DSLs 3, 4 and 4D have medical aides on site, safety protocols as applicable (4D deals with dementia patients so things like personal fobs in case of a fall may be used), transportation and fun social activities and classes.

So, when you look at it through this lens, care communities do not take away independence at all. They give you back your independence! If a senior is relying on friends and family for transportation, housework, medication support and meals, is this true independence? A care community not only relieves the burden of the “daily grind,” it also frees friends and family members from becoming caregivers, which can have its own set of challenges.

At Lakeshore Manor we understand the importance of independence, which is why we strive to offer the best independent living care community that meets the needs – and exceeds the expectations – of our residents and their clients. Please visit us at to learn more.

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